What I’ve Learned This Year…

There are 17 days left in this year…17 days until 2016! I love new beginnings, it’s a completely fresh start; a chance to let go of a few old things as well as welcome a few new things. Every year around this time I always get caught up in my thoughts. I love reflecting on all that has brought me to this point. Not so much to where dwelling on the past can be a hindrance, but just enough so I can learn from it and grow. Over these past 12 months I think I’ve grown so much and I’m thankful for every moment, good and bad. I know the Lord is shaping me into exactly the woman He created me to be and that’s such an incredible feeling. Here are a some things I’ve learned this year…some cliche and I should definitely know…but nevertheless..

1. You’ve got to listen…

I’m super stubborn and definitely stuck in my ways. I completely disregard what others are telling me to do…even what God is telling me to do. Concerning people I sometimes have this attitude and think, “how are you going to tell me what’s best for me?” There are a few times this year that had I heeded the advice of a few people close to me I could’ve avoided a whole lot of stress. I’d even subconsciously have that same attitude with God, but of course He humbles me every time.  It’s the end of the year and I’m realizing there are so many times when He CLEARLY told me to be still, wait on Him, let some things go…and I did the exact opposite. I was so caught up in my own schedule, my own desires, my own plan that I was drowning Him out. He’s shown me that I need to listen to Him; that it’s important for me to take the time and just shut off everything and listen to Him.

2. “Life is about people, not rings…rings collect dust.”

These are the words of Mark Richt, football coach at the U and an incredible man of God. Although I never got the chance to talk to him personally. I admire his love for Jesus an his commitment to shaping the lives of others through his faith. This quote is more symbolic for me, as my aim is not to win a championship ring lol. That being said it still resonated with me greatly. I know this year I got so caught up in my GPA…my future…my dietetic internship…my degree…that I completely cast aside the people in my life and even some commitments I made to people at the beginning of the year. I look back and see now that I was focusing on the rings and not the people. I’ve learned that my time here is so much bigger than me and so much bigger than a piece of paper and a title. Life is about people…impacting lives beyond my own.

3. I am only human…

I tend to take on too many projects, alot more than I can handle at once. In the beginning of the school year there was so much I wanted to do; 16 credits, 2 jobs, clubs, and spending time with friends. I struggled trying to balance everything, which never really worked out because I would always focus on one thing more than I would another. Now the end of the semester I see the importance of prioritizing and time management. I’ve learned that I can’t take on everything and I can’t please everyone, no matter how bad I want to 🙂

4. Money isn’t everything…

In the last one I mentioned I worked 2 jobs. I absolutely love my nutrition job and would honestly do it for free lol! But the other job I was working…definitely wasn’t worth the money. I was miserable and dreaded going to work each Saturday. So i’ve learned the importance of doing something because you love it and not because of the money.
I’ve also learned not to cling too tightly to money but give freely. This used to be the hardest thing for me, but ultimately God owns everything and He can take money away from you just as quickly as He can bless you. It’s happened quite a few times lol, but it’s definitely very humbling. I’ve learned that I can’t buy for me all the time…it’s important to save, invest, and give.

5. You can’t just talk the talk…

You’ve got to walk the walk too! This applies to several areas of my life! My faith and my everyday living. I’m definitely guilty of quoting scriptures here and there on social media, but I had to take a step back and ask if I was REALLY living the way God wants me to…really following His word. Is my love unconditional or am I easily angered? Am I jealous and harboring bitterness? Am I being a light to those around me?  Am I showing people Christ? The Lord checked me on all these things. I’ve learned I need actions to back up my words!
On the other hand in my everyday living…I would say i’m super passionate about nutrition and fitness but sometimes my eating habits were awful and I would go to the gym like once a month (Honesty hour lol). I really do love nutrition and fitness but I’ve learned that I need to make it apart of my lifestyle and not just a chore or something I do to write a blog or because it’s my major. These things are important to me because it’s my health; and I want to reap the benefits later on in life.

I’ve learned so much more, but these are just a few things that I’m really focused on embracing and growing from starting now and in the new year. I’m super excited for a fresh start and to see all that God has planned in 2016. As we move into the new year one scripture that I keep in mind is Philippians 3:13, “But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.”  I’ve had more than a few rough patches this year, but I will continue moving forward! 

I encourage each of you to just reflect on some things you’ve learned in 2015, and use all that you’ve learned to make a better 2016! Much love 🙂

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