National Nutrition Month + Updates :)

It’s finally March, yay!! I know it’s already a week into the month, but I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy National Nutrition Month. If you don’t already know food and  nutrition is a subject that i’m very passionate about and I hope to one day be a registered and licensed dietitian. However, until I receive those credentials i’m perfectly content with learning as much as I can about nutrition and food. I want to live my healthiest, and I understand that this can be different for everyone! Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. That being said I hope that in following me on my personal journey you will be inspired to start your own journey.

In the last couple of weeks so much has happened in my life. I wanted to write this post sooner but I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Being a dietetics student is no easy task! Last week I had five tests and it was such a crazy time trying to balance everything; but I wouldn’t trade it at all. I’ve learned how to manage my time and prioritize. I only see it as investing in my future and it’s all apart of the journey. 🙂

Something new that’s happened…I was selected to be a student ambassador for Siggis Dairy! I love the message of the company, “simple ingredients, not alot of sugar”. Also, their icelandic style skyr (yogurt) is super yummy! My favorite flavor is vanilla; it has little specks of vanilla bean in it! Love that! I enjoy my Siggis with plenty of toppings! If you want to learn more click here. If you need creation ideas feel free to follow me on instagram @fueledforit…or simply click on one of the photos to the right for a direct link!

Happy Icelandic Style Yogurt Day 🙂

If you already follow me on instagram, you’ll see that i’ve been trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. On this journey of mine i’m looking to sustain a primarily plant-based diet. I prefer not to use the term vegetarian because I tried that and I already slipped up lol. I don’t want this to be a thing where I feel like I’m restricting myself or following a set of rules. So right now I’m just going to say that i’m on a primarily plant based journey. I want my diet to be at least 85% plant based. Maybe one day I will make this switch completely, but right now I know what’s best for me given my lifestyle and body.

Some may ask what sparked this sudden change, and it’s really a wide variety of reasons. The very first reason being, I feel alot better when I eat primarily vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes (all the plant based goodies). When I say I feel better I mean I have more energy, I feel lighter, and I just have overall clarity. Another reason, one that i’ve been learning more about and researching, is the business of animal agriculture. Lately when I see a hamburger or ribs…I start thinking about the cow or the pig it came from. I can’t get images of those animals being slaughtered out of me head. So that’s why I started this journey. Many may know that a big part of Christianity is compassion and i’m currently trying to grow in that area. Compassion for my fellow humans and animals, I know it’s not going to be easy but, that’s why it’s a journey i’m looking to grow! 🙂

Here are a few books i’ll be reading during my journey:

  • China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD
    • This book focuses on scientific-based evidence for the benefits of a plant based diet.
  • Fervent by Priscilla Shirer
    • This book is more spiritual and focuses on personal growth and overcoming battles through prayer and a relationship with Christ.
  • Dominion by Matthew Scully
    • Really looking forward to reading this one! It’s takes a look at the inhumane treatment of animals  and the true call of Genesis 1:24-26.
  • A Perfect Recipe by Heather Lindsey
    • This book is by one of my favorite authors and it’s a devotional/ recipe book that encompasses the idea of glorifying God through our living and good health.

Stay tuned for future posts and please follow me on my journey! Much Love 🙂

Twitter: @CamariaMone
Instagram: @FueledForIt

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