“Nature Feeds Us”

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for food. Cooking, eating, or even just learning about food excites me. So I never miss the opportunity to watch a good food documentary. In fact I’m pretty sure i’ve watched all the one’s on Netflix! When I found out Michael Pollan has a new documentary series that I hadn’t  seen yet I literally dropped everything (in my mind…documentary about food > spanish homework) haha!

I’m only about an episode and a half into the series but i’m loving it so far. I just had to give my input, and a tweet wouldn’t suffice (hence the short blog). That being said,  one quote that stood out to me in the second episode is this:

“Reconnect to the fact that industry doesn’t feed us nature feeds us.”

-Michael Pollan

The quote itself is quite simple, but when you truly pause to think about it…it’s overwhelming. The other day I was eating a bowl of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries and they were beautiful. Honestly my first thought was “wow God created this!” For about the past two months or so mind has just been opened to the all the goodness that nature has to offer as the result of God’s Hand. Michael Pollan’s Cooked Documentary just reinforced my personal philosophy of food. It saddens me that most of the food we turn to today isn’t really food at all but rather engineered products that just happen to be edible. Unfortunately we’ve gotten away from cooking for ourselves; and from preparing meals with family from nature’s ingredients. So much of my love for food stems from the  fact that  I have the ability to create something that tastes good and is healthy. In my future career as dietitian I hope that I can inspire others to return to cooking, eating, and creating from nature’s ingredients. 

If you haven’t seen Michael Pollan’s documentary Cooked, I definitely recommend it!


Also as you move forward in the week I want to encourage you eat more of nature’s goodies that God has given us! Much Love 🙂

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