Almost a Senior…But Then What?

I remeber having this exact feeling 4 years ago. I was finishing up my junior year of high school, ready to be a senior, but not so sure what would come after that. I knew what I wanted to do, what I was passionate about, but I didn’t know whether or not I would be accepted somewhere for school (more specifically my top choice). My senior year of high school was the ultimate test of my faith and honestly the time where I grew closer to God. There was so much uncertainty regarding if I would be accepted to my dream school. I felt unprepared, unqualified, and just flat out like it wasn’t going to happen for me. I really had no choice but to trust in God; trust that His plans were better for me than my own. Throughout that time, I found myself clinging to Him; because in that place I found peace. Despite all the uncertainty and change that was inevitable around me I knew that I could turn to God and He would always be constant. Looking back at how everything played out, it was nothing but God every step of the way. By His Grace and alot of hardwork my senior year…I got accepted into my dream school to study dietetics. I cried so many tears of joy that day! It was the most amazing feeling!

Fast forward 4 years later, and here I am a junior at my dream school. I’m ready to be a senior, but i’m not so sure what will happen after that. In a couple of months I will begin the process of applying to dietetic internships. Just like before I have all those feelings of anxiety and worry. I have my #1 choice in mind, and at this point the only thing I can do is work my hardest with the remainder of the time I have left here and PRAY. Praying being the most important thing!

Since the most recent match day I’ve been stressing out so much. So many of my friends got matched, but unfortunately there were some that didn’t. All this week I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to do to get matched. Thinking , “Okay, I need to get all A’s in these classes…I need to volunteer here…I need to be involved with that.” In the midst of all the anxiety and worry i’m reminded that I can turn to God for peace. I know I needed to turn to Him just like I did before. So I picked up my Bible, and I was led to Philippians and Ecclesiastes. In those two books He showed me that I need not worry, or be anxious but simply pray to Him (Philippians 4:6). He will finish the work He started in me (Philippians 1:6). There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Things may not happen the way I want them to but I find comfort in knowing that God makes everything beautiful in it’s own time and I cannot fathom all that He is doing from beginning to end (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Since being in college I haven’t always gotten my way, and things haven’t always been easy; but I can rest assured that God knows what He is doing.

I want to encourage you to read Philippians and Ecclesiastes. These two books are always my go to whenever i’m struggling with discontentment and worry. I pray that whoever is reading this will surrender and have complete trust in God concerning  your life.

Much love 🙂


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