It’s All About Balance!

A while ago I made the decision to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle; and it’s been going quite well actually (kinda). In the past 3 weeks or so i’ve been tempted with Zaxby’s, Steak n’ Shake, and fried fish while hanging out with friends and didn’t cave. Yayyy! I’ll admit the smells still get to me, but then my mind goes back to all the reasons I started this plant-based journey. If you missed where I blogged about my reasons check it out here. Going meatless has been the somewhat easy part, but for the past few weeks i’ve found myself facing a different struggle. Sugar Cravings!

Balance Picture

Don’t get me wrong cravings are a healthy mental aspect of eating. However, It’s all about balance; and lately i’ve had a lack thereof. I don’t know what it is, but all of last week and the week before that i’ve been craving french fries and sweets. Initially I just contributed it to the fact that I ran 3 miles on Monday and my body was trying to let me know that it needed more fuel. BUT even with enough carbohydrate in my diet the cravings continue. I remember one day in particular I ate a big breakfast before class and somehow was still craving french fries after class…needless to say I got them hahaha! I just really had to pause though and take a long hard look at my behavior.


I wasn’t eating them because I was hungry, I was eating them because I liked the saltiness, crispiness, and overall texture. Anyone reading this may think, “wow this girl is thinking about this too much!” But I really believe it’s something important to consider. I was eating to fill a pleasure, not so much because I was hungry. It’s good to know the difference between the two and to have a good balance. For me personally it’s just gotten a little out of control haha! Now i’m really trying to work on it. About a year or so ago I watched the documentary Fed Up and it was very interesting to me! I just love food and nutrition related documentaries in general, but this one caught my eye because I saw the effects of what they were saying in my life. Basically the main idea of the documentary is that our society consumes too much sugar, sugar is found in everything, and it can be addicting. If you haven’t watched it, I definitely recommend it!

All my cravings as of lately remind me of some of the keypoints in this film. I don’t want this to grow into something I can’t control, so i’ve decided to go on somewhat of a “sugar fast.” In the next 21 days I want to abstain from sweets (cookies, cakes, chocolate, etc.) and fried foods (french fries and french fries lol)! When I first started this plant-based journey the goal was to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains daily; but i’ve been slacking. So time to get back to it!

Feel free to join me on this journey for the next 21 days! I’d love some accountability and support! Comment below, subscribe to the blog, or follow me on Instagram @FueledForIt!

Happy, healthy eating friends! Much love 🙂

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