Faithful in the Small Things…

This post has has literally been weeks in the making. I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve sat down to write it but always hit a wall. The last draft I made of this was 12 days ago; and since then God has been ever so clearly reiterating this message to me over and over. So many times I’ve heard the Lord whisper to me be faithful in the small things, hence the title of this post. I actually came up with the title several weeks ago, but 12 days ago as I was reading and praying I came across this passage in my Bible:

Faithful in the Small Things

The passage is referring to Samuel who was separated from his family and dedicated by his mother, Hannah, to work for Eli in the temple. What stood out to me the most was the sentence underlined in blue: “He was being faithful in the small things of his everyday life and was therefore entrusted with a great thing.” There it was again!! The exact message God had been whispering to me that whole time. Now 12 days later, I hear God whispering the same message to me except this time I was led to Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” I’ve been meditating on that verse and I know I couldn’t go another day without publishing this post. Why does the Lord keep telling me to be faithful in the small things?

“If I can be completely transparent, what originally sparked this post was a very bad seed of discontentment. I’m 21 years young, haven’t really dated anyone seriously in a long time.There have been a few guys that i’ve liked…but I guess they just weren’t God’s best for me. I was seeing all these happy couples, people my age getting married or engaged…and i’m just over here single as can be asking God when will I get to experience that? Not the whole event of getting a ring or having a wedding; but just to finally be with the person who will love me in the way that Christ loves the church.

In addition to all that I was questioning God’s plans for after I graduate. What will I do? Am I prepared? Have my experiences afforded me the opportunity to get a dietetic internship? How will I pay for all this if I do get an internship?

There was just a huge web of things going on in my mind, and throughout all of it God was just whispering to me to ‘be faithful in the small things’.Throughout these last weeks God has really shown me a few things concerning my relationship with Him, my relationship with others, and my character. It wasn’t an easy process, but just by taking the time to shut myself up with the Lord I was finally able to see and hear what He needed me to.”

The quoted section above are words that I wrote 12 days ago, and believe it or not it’s like God has been showing me these same things these past 12 days. The difference in then and now is that i’m no longer questioning God. I have this unexplainable peace. Rather than just saying or hearing, “God is working things for my good”, i’ve come to believe. Rather than just wondering when God is going to bless me with so much more, i’m learning to be faithful in the small things. There’s so much He’s blessed me with right now and He just wants me to be a good steward over it all. I’ve had to think about how I am handling my school work, my job, my relationships with friends and family, and even my relationship with God. Am I truly being faithful in these things? Each and everyday do I wake up and practice love and compassion towards the people around me? Do I put my best foot forward in all that I do or am I rushing to get a job done? Am I diligent and hardworking as though serving the Lord? Do I even spend time with the Lord…praying? Most importantly am I consistent with all these things?

In asking myself all these questions I recognize that I do sometimes half-step in certain things and God really convicted me of that. The Lord isn’t looking for someone who is half-committed. He wants to be able to use us fully in every arena of our lives. Everyday the Lord is developing me and showing me certain things I need to work on. It’s a process…but I’m so grateful for every moment of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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