These past few days i’ve been taking a break from social media, and it was very much needed. I’ve enjoyed this time of silence and just being alone with God. For me, there is peace when i’m not constantly scrolling through twitter, facebook, instagram, or snapchat. When I take those moments and just shut everything off i’m more receptive to what the Lord is trying to tell me. On social media I’m constantly bombarded with so many messages it gets to be overwhelming. I felt a gentle nudge from God to just steal away some time with Him. I realize that I always had the time before to pray or read my Bible; but other things…distractions, would get in the way.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life. I set my mind on something then I get distracted. However, one area of my life that I  absolutely can not stand for that to be the case is in my relationship with Jesus. I need Him every moment of every day. In spending time with Jesus these past few days i’ve had an opportunity to reflect. The idea of “Reckless Abandonment” has been reoccurring. Specifically reckless abandonment to Jesus. What exactly does this mean?  If we break it down reckless means to be unconcerned about the consequences of some action. To abandon means to leave completely or finally. Reckless abandonment to Jesus can be seen in the lives of many individuals in the Bible. For example, Ruth. She left all that was familiar and comfortable to her. In following God, He rewarded her faithfulness; but she didn’t do it for a reward. She did it to be closer to Him

In reading about Ruth’s life I think about my own life. Am I  willing to give up everything that’s comfortable to me and truly follow Jesus?  Not fearing the consequences at all? I’ve reached a place where i’m exhausted with chasing the stuff. I just want Jesus. The more I spend time with the Lord I can see that there are things that were pulling me away from Him and hindering my walk. I remember there was once a time where I was completely filled with the Lord and I just want to reach that place again.

These last 3 years in college i’ve allowed my passion for Christ and my walk to be confused. Rather than continuing to cover myself in His Word. I would allow others to feed a form of truth….which wasn’t really Truth at all to me. And I got distracted. For a little while I was convinced that I could satisfy this world…my flesh…and Jesus all at once.But NO, it doesn’t work that way. Jesus wants all of me. (1 John 2:15-16) There were times where I would shrink my faith so that others would feel comfortable around me. But NO, Jesus desires for me to be bold and unashamed for Him ( 2 Timothy 2:15). I understand that that this Christian walk is not easy and others may not understand, but i’ve crumbled under pressure before. I listened to the voices that said “I’m acting too churchy” and “it’s not that serious”. I’ve felt the judgement and persecution before. And I can say it isn’t very comfortable but I can’t continue down a path where i’m trying to make Jesus and the world happy. I can’t continue down a path where I’m not living everyday with the intent of serving Jesus with my whole heart. He said the road is narrow and only a few will find it (Matthew 7:13-14). I want to be one of those few. I want to one day stand before Jesus and hear Him say “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

So whatever it takes for me to be closer to Jesus, whatever I need to let go of…even the comfortable and the familiar. I’ll do it without fearing the consequences, because I know there is greater value in knowing Christ. (Philippians 3:8)


February 2016 Photo Dump 2013


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