“She works eagerly, she gets up early and stays up late, she gives to others generously. But look past her outward layer, look deeper, you’ll see a woman of wisdom who fully understood what was important. She understood what it meant to work hard and to serve God with her whole heart.”

The virtuous woman, the one in Proverbs 31…maybe you’ve heard of her; maybe not. If not…I’ll fill you in. The women depicted in Proverbs 31:10-31 is praised as being the standard of what Christian woman should strive to be. She makes her own clothes. This lady is up in the early hours of the morning…staying up late at night. She’s not idle. I literally get exhausted just reading about all that she did and was. She’s seemingly perfect. If she was around today I’m sure she’d look a lot like our favorite people on social media…. having it all together; but what we don’t see is her process. I don’t think she arrived at that place of true compassion, diligence, and just complete faithfulness overnight.  I think she’s a woman that experienced some things, a little pressure on the journey of life to make her all that God created her to be. The biggest thing that I draw from the scripture about this “Virtuous Woman” is that she gave God her best in every area of her life.

Now i’ll go ahead and add this disclaimer….I’m not here to tell you, you need to be exactly like this Proverbs 31 woman and you must have it all together. I’m here to hopefully inspire you to give God YOUR best in every area of your life.

You’ve probably gathered that my faith and serving Jesus is really important to me. It very much is, hence the virtuous part of “Virtuous Foodie”. I’m also passionate about food, hence the foodie part of “Virtuous Foodie”. I love cooking, yes…but I’ve also wanted to be a dietitian for as long as I can remember. I have this dream of being a sports dietitian and/or having my own nutrition private practice…still figuring things out quite honestly, but we’ll get there. And I guess you’re probably wondering about the “with a passion for beauty” part of the whole thing. Well this is true too. When I’m not studying nutrition, eating, or trying to figure my life out with Jesus…I’m trying new beauty things. You’ll learn I’m kind of a product junkie when it comes to hair care and skin care. However, I like to classify beauty with the broader term of self-care because I think it’s so much more than skin care and hair care (beauty just kinda happened to rhyme with foodie…kinda lol!). But any who, this is me. I’ve struggled for so long with how to share ALL of the things that I’m passionate about with the world and I think I finally found it. I’m so glad God saw fit to trust me with this idea. I hope that it will flourish into something beyond a blog and touch many lives.

So in case it wasn’t clear, this isn’t just a food blog…or a faith blog…or a beauty blog. These THREE things signify how I aim to give God my best every day; through faith, nutrition, and self-care. My mission with this blog/brand is to inspire women to be their best selves through these three things on the basis of 1 Corinthians 6:19. Our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit which we have from God. A temple ya’ll…temples are sacred. They are not just treated any type of way. They are respected! In addition to that, we are God’s dearly loved children, co-heirs with Christ, royalty! God did not create us to walk this earth broken, fearful, and living anything less than the life He has called US to live. He wants us to give our best each and every day. What does your best look like? That is what I want to inspire you to figure out if you don’t know already. It’s not my best, or the next woman’s best…but yours.

I’m not perfect, nor do I have all the answers…but I’m learning and growing every day. I hope you will learn and grow with me.





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