4 Hair Care Brands That Changed Me for the Better


It’s not #WashDay yet…and I’ve literally done nothing to my hair for the past two days, BUT I was inspired to do this post; kind of as a segue to my upcoming Salon Moné series (details coming soon)! We don’t just cook and talk about Jesus around here! 😂

Lol..but in my most recent blog, ‘Focus on God and Your Goals Girl’, I talked about what my future self would say to me at this very moment. I think the main message is pretty clear by the title, but you can check out that post here.

I wanted to do this post today, because yes these brands have my hair on fleek (are we still saying this lol?)!!!! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you may see me talk about trying new hair products alot. These are the ones! However, I mainly wanted to do this post because I believe the woman behind these brands have been succesful because they chose to forgoe the distractions and opinion and to focus on God and their goals!

It’s not just important to me what a product does for my hair or how it’s packaged, but also the mission of the company. Although, i’ve never met any of these woman personally. I get nothing but postive vibes from how they carry themselves on social media and in their communities. I sense nothing but hardwork, dedication, and passion. This is why these brands have changed me for the better. Yes, they make my hair better too…but seeing other women achieve their dreams inspires me to pursure my dreams with the same fire and determination. Of course it’s hard work, but it is possible. These four brands have shown me that.

  1. Healthy Hair Gang

    This brand was created by @nenecouturehair. I’m not sure how I discovered her page but I fell in love with her work! Her silk presses are bomb! She has a salon in Georgia; but when your work is bomb you’re booked to the max! She just recently dropped a hair care line that features a moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and edge serum. I loveeee her products!! Again, full review coming soon!

  2. Mielle Organics

    I’m sure this brand is pretty well known at this point. It was founded by @exquisitemo! She started her journey as a registered nurse, but then decided to pursue her passion for hair care after her own personal hair journey. From humble beginnings of starting in her garage, Mielle Organics,  has blossomed to include mutiple collections, hair vitamins, and even a skin care line. I have not tried all the products she has to offer, but the Mongongo collection and those adult gummy vitamins are amazing!

  3. Shear Genius

    This was probably the first brand I started using. I’ll give you more details on my hair journey later…but this brand changed the game for me! I found @sosheargenius on social media and was attracted to her work as well! Those curly silk presses…heart eyes!! She’s a stylist based in Philadelphia, but also does hair for Tyler Perry Studios. Isn’t that amazing?? I got a little carried away last year and tried all her products…and the tools she uses. Don’t judge! Believe it or not, I think I picked up alot of tips for pressing my hair from her!

  4. Flawless

    Maybe you haven’t heard of this brand, but I know you know the queen behind it!! @Gabunion! I’m sure it wasn’t her first time on the screen….but ever since Bring It On i’ve loved Gabrielle Union. She’s not only amazing and well known because of her acting, but because of her beautiful spirit. She’s a care-free black woman and she owns it! I love that about her! She’s even an author…and has a clothing line with New York & Company….how incredible?? So when I found out she had a hair care line I had to try it out! Her hair care line features two shampoos, their corresponding conditioners, a hair masque, and a few styling products. I’ve tried the smoothing shampoo and conditioner and hair masque. They’re pretty lit!

So these are the four hair care brands that changed me for the better. These women are phenomenal! They did not confine themselves to one specific niche, but rather they focused on their goals and pursued their dreams no matter what. I’m sure they probably heard a, “you should stick to this” or a, “that’s not going to work”  aloong the way; but look at them now!

What dream have you placed to the side because it doesn’t fit with your current career/life plan? I want you to truly think about that. Maybe you don’t have a certain product to offer, but maybe it’s just your courage in following your own dream to be a teacher, a doctor, a dietitan (holla!!!) that can inspire someone else.

Major mood after #WashDay…but even more so knowing my hair products are made by hardworking queens!


Much Love,




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