Surviving vs. Thriving

“It was just a mental shift, a readjustment in my way of thinking…I got to thinking about the bigger picture, if I’m going to sit around and say I am ‘just surviving’ everyday well guess what, when a big wave comes along suddenly I won’t be surviving, i’ll be drowning.” – Joanna Gaines

When I read this the first time it resonated with me so much!!! I would have a similar response when somone would ask “how are things?” I would ALWAYS say ‘I’m making it….surviving…just ready to be done!’ (with school). It honestly became my least favorite question.I was choosing to highlight the negatives instead of being positive; so much so that it became the driving tone of my day to day.

In the slight break that I took from the blog and social media, God has been speaking to me so much! Or rather, I slowed down and tuned out the noise to hear Him. There was a clarity about it once I disconnected for a moment. One thing He showed me during the break is this….

You have a choice to make everyday. You can choose joy and peace or you can wallow in your irritation, pain, or anger. You don’t have to just survive, I want you to thrive everyday despite your circumstances.

I kept getting this message over and over again but unfortunately I was failing the tests that came along with it so I kept on getting it…still to this day. It’s a choice. I can choose to be kind and compassionate or I can choose to resist, complain, and be annoyed. I can choose to be faithful in the small things or run from an opportunity to grow and serve Jesus. I can choose to survive or I can choose to thrive.

I’m reminded in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ย Magnolia Story (Must Read!) that God is present in the moments of discomfort and those moment where we’re just trying to “survive” to help us grow or work through us in a way that could not occur on the “easy route”. But He doesn’t want us to just show up surviving and wishing the days away. He created us to thrive. There’s always a bigger picture. So now I ask myself several times a day, “Is my attitude one of surviving or thriving?” It’s still a growing process for me; but I recognize that saving my joy and hoping for better days ahead is not an attitude of thriving. Waiting for some thing, someone, or a final destination to feel fulfilled is not thriving. Thriving is ultimately a state of mind that’s detatched from the idea that you need more to live your best life. You can be content and recognize the beauty of the season that you are in. There is something to be gained in every season and joy if we would choose it. Cheers to thriving!

Life Update: I cut my hair! After heat styling during my 2nd year of transitioning, I want to transition again to give my true natural curl pattern a chance! Sure my hair was surviving in it’s pressed out state…but I want to see it thrive! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hope everyone is well!!

Much Love,


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