Professional Profile 2

Hi my name is Camaria!

 I’m a Georgia girl with a passion for Jesus, food, and health. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics. Now, I am pursuing my Masters degree in Foods & Nutrition. I have a strong background in culinary arts so I believe food should be enjoyed; but I also believe in balance…not diets…but the idea that you can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy all your favorite foods!
There is so much to be gained by taking care of our bodies, ensuring wellness both physically and spiritually. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit given to us by God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Not only is our body a temple, but I believe that wellness is integral to us thriving in our purpose each and every day. I’m on a mission to inspire women and girls to thrive in their purpose by  growing a relationship with Jesus of course; but also by growing in their commitment to nourish their temples to health.
You may have also noticed the “with a passion for beauty”…I also have a slight obsession with hair care and skin care. So don’t be surprised if you see of few posts pertaining to that every so often!
One last thing you should know, I’m an obnoxious Georgia Football fan! Yes, I’m girly and I like pink…but I also like my Saturdays in the fall too…okay! So much that I have dreams of being a sports dietitian. What can I say? I’m a very ambitious girl….but this is me in a nutshell! Jesus, food, beauty, and college sports! 💕

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